Industrial Cart Coffee Table

I love anything antique or vintage, especially if it’s a good deal. I’ve desperately wanted an industrial cart coffee table ever since I saw one in Restoration Hardware ages ago. For the $1,000 price tag I decided to keep looking.

A friend of ours happened to buy an abandoned warehouse at auction recently. Upon inspection, they discovered a hundred of these industrial carts stashed away in the warehouse! We purchased this cart for $50! What! I usually never find a good deal, even though I look! So here is the transformation of this awesome industrial cart into my dream coffee table!

Wouldn’t you know, before I could grab my camera my husband had the top of the industrial cart already sanded. What was he thinking, didn’t he know this would make a great post. So, back to it then.

He started off by sanding the surface of the industrial cart. He mainly sanded off a handrawn caricature in marker that said One Ugly Cart. Who were they kidding! We’ll show them.

Once sanded, he used a rag to apply Briwax to the industrial cart and then buffed it with a lint free cloth.

The biggest problem with a real industrial cart is that the main wheel is in the middle. This means the industrial cart doesn’t sit level. You can’t have a table that rocks so what were we going to do. Ding, ding, ding! I had a solution! Use the steering posts as legs.

Since the bottom of the posts were tapered like a pencil to fit in the corner brackets we had to remove the corner brackets and re-attach them upside down. This would allow us to bring the poles up from the floor to act as a leg.

Tapered post

We removed both end pieces of the industrial cart to allow the removal of the corner brackets.

Re-Attaching the corner brackets upside down so the posts can be inserted from the bottom to work as a leg.

Without further delay, our real industrial cart coffee table with charm and detail that $1,000 can’t buy you.

As you can see this coffee table went in the same room that I posted about last week. Our formal living room has been an ongoing project for over four years. Last week I applied map wallpaper to the back of the bookcases, painted behind the fireplace, and installed new sconces. You can check out that transformation here:

Stay tuned, this room still isn’t finished. In between naps I still need to find seating, art, and accessories. I’m so excited it’s finally coming together!

How do you think we did?

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