Let it be her Daddy’s big head!

As I rocked my sweet girl to sleep tonight, I looked at her precious face and just wanted to cry. Why…why does such a little person have so many health problems. Adults should be the only ones that have to deal with health issues. It’s not really fair for her to have all this on her plate.

Friday she gets an ultrasound on her head. Lil’s doctor became a bit more concerned last visit since her head size has continually gotten larger. She was always above the curve but following it…until now.

I don’t feel that anything is wrong. As a mother you always think you will know. Unfortunately, I never expected her diagnosis at four days old or the Asthma diagnosis last week. She’s to small, to innocent…give her a break. She is developmentally where she should be at this point. That is something we were scared we would never be able to say.
Children are so innocent and so trusting. I wish I could wave my mommy magic wand and make her problems go away! Oh, how I wish I could. No more doctors and diagnosis.

Please, just let it be her Daddy’s big head.

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