What the what?

So, just picture this…In my mommy brain haze, I’m trying to type an important email. I’m trying to type the phrase “getting all my ducks in a row.” I never realized what a difficult saying that was to type when your brain isn’t functioning at full capacity. There I am, just happily clicking away and hmmm what did I just type? What the what….I replaced the D with an F in ducks! Woooaaaa nelly, back that thing up! That’s not what I meant. Ok, well the F is by the D. Alright, crisis averted…start again. Click, click, click. What in the world! That’s not what I meant either. Ok, now I’ve replaced the the U in ducks with an I! That isn’t where I was going with this email. This saying sucks. Literally it does, because I could have typed that too.

From now on, I will never try to type ducks in a row ever again. Well, after this post that is!

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